Rachel + Tom // Biggin Hill

Tell us about all the lovely details you've got planned for the big day + what you're envisioning (colors, theme, atmosphere, etc.)

The wedding takes place at our home and garden - where Tom and I have been living for the last 4 years. It is far from perfect - but is very much an ongoing project, and we have been working very hard to get it ready for the wedding. We are very excited to welcome our friends and family to celebrate our marriage at our home - the place where we feel happiest, most relaxed and ourselves.
Tom and I have our birthdays 3 days apart, and each year we have had a garden bbq to celebrate our birthdays, and these bbq have always been on the same weekend... the same weekend that we are now getting married. So having a big garden party with our friends has always been at this time each year, and we see our wedding as a much more glamorous version of these parties! We wanted it to have a relaxed, informal but beautiful feel to it, with a strong sense of garden and great people spending time together.
Words I would use to describe our wedding: relaxed, informal, beautiful, garden celebration, summery, colourful, creative, artistic and fun!
I am a designer, and have designed many elements of the wedding myself, including my wedding dress and veil, the bridesmaids' dresses, and the flower girls' dresses and the men's suits were selected in the same colour palette. I have also grown a lot of the flowers myself from seed!
Colour scheme: deep blue, deep pink, mint green, white and rose gold/copper.
The general atmosphere that I really hope our wedding film will capture, is that of friends and family having a relaxed, fun time, and the love that Tom and I have for each other and the life we have here in our home.

Why did you pick Story Cabin Wedding Films?

We want to be able to remember the best moments of the day and the essence of everything else, alongside capture the laughs, dancing, and people who shared this with us. We wanted a wedding video to capture things that photos can't - how we laughed, what was said, how we danced, etc.

Why we booked you for our Cinematic Wedding Film in London…

A bit about you two! How did you two first meet?

We met in London but shortly afterwards Tom moved to Australia, and we lost contact. We got back in contact six months later, starting an email 'relationship' for another six months. I moved to Sweden and eventually Tom decided to fly to Sweden to tell me he loved me and wanted to be together :) I moved out to Australia shortly after that, where we both lived for three months, before both returning back to the UK where the rest is history! We've been together 10 years this year.

The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

Tom proposed to me at home, in our hot tub, during lockdown in July 2020. It was lovely - just the two of us, at home, drinking champagne... agreeing to get married here, at home, drinking champagne! We were supposed to get married in 2021, but had to postpone by one year thanks to Covid.
You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Tom - he works as a Financial Consultant - building large, tailor-made IT systems for large companies\
Rachel - Originally a fashion designer, I went on to become a lecturer at universities (teaching fashion) before retraining to be a children's book illustrator and running my own illustration company. I'm the creative one, Tom's the financial and serious one!
In our spare time, we love travelling, spending time with friends and family, doing ambitious DIY projects on our house, spending time with our two dogs and I love gardening and Tom loves car mechanics.

It was a venue we enquired with before we settled on an abroad wedding. When we decided that France was not going to happen I reached out to them to see if they had availability and they did. I like that it is not a typical wedding venue in the sense of being a traditional barn, or hotel etc. It has the modern aspect and the old house, and may allow us to get married outside if the weather is nice

The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else?

It's home! The place we feel happiest, that we want to fill with memories and all our favourite people.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

A great, memorable summery day - bursting with colour, laughs, great food and drink and great times!