Susanna + Alex // Not a House but a Home // St Audries Park Manor House, West Quantoxhead, Somerset

Why do you want a Cinematic Wedding Videographer?

We want to remember everything that happened and know that on the day things will probably get a bit mental! We want to ensure we don’t miss a thing and love the idea of capturing it on video as much as possible.

Why did you pick Story Cabin Wedding Films?

We met Jag at a wedding fair at Stanbrook Abbey and really liked him. We watched an example of one of his videos and it gave us goosebumps. It was the nicest least cringe video we saw by far!!

Why we booked you for our Cinematic Wedding Film in Somerset…

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Susanna works for Sky assisting the Creative Director to run the clip based promo department. It is always mental!! Alex is a software engineer and the company he works for delivers adverts to air.

We have two house rabbits and a kitten that keeps us very busy. We love Box Set binging and watching far too much TV. We love our family and friends and are usually busy out and about with them if not on the sofa.

Alex loves golfing and cycling when he can. Susanna hasn’t had a life in two years from planning the wedding and work!

The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

We had decided on this together before we did it!

We went to Barbados for our 10 year anniversary two years ago and decided to do it then. Alex choose when to do it and did it outside the Hilton. We visited the hotel for a day trip as Susanna’s grandad was one of the men that built it. So it was far away but it still meant something.

Alex cried and Susanna laughed....

More about our Wedding Videography in West Quantoxhead….

The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else?

We drove up and down the country to try and find somewhere but places were either too expensive or one of us didn’t like it!!

St Audries Park Manor House, Somerset was last place on the list and in a completely random place.... we knew we had to make a decision and thank God we both loved it!

It won’t matter what the weather will do as the grand hall will be fantastic with a roaring fire and a huge Christmas tree. It is impressive but has a nice feel to it- not too stuffy!! As it’s not a hotel we also get the place to ourselves!!! Woooooo hooooooooo!!!!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

We want everyone to have the best time possible. Everyone probably says that??!

We want people to feel at ease and just enjoy all he fun things we have planned and not to worry about a thing!!!!